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The Magnitude of the Problem, Causes and Possible Solutions.

Four out of five adult Americans will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime, reports the Agency for Health Care Public and Research (AHCPR). As a result, US employers lose $30 billion annually in medical costs and lost productivity, according to estimates issued by The Travelers Insurance Corporation.

Workers who experience back pain typically suffer from an overburdening of back muscles. The US Department of Labor has cited that back pain affects more than half of all workers sometime in their career and is second only to colds as the nations leading cause of lost work time. In addition, every year 300,000 patients with back disorders require costly surgery for their injuries, states Alan Farnam of Fortune magazine. Due in part to high surgical costs, the average back claim in 1990 was $24,080, according to Meg Flectcher of Business Insurance magazine. The Agency for Health Care Public Policy and Research (AHCPR), established in 1989, has identified that 80% of all Americans will experience low back pain during their lifetime. That factor alone makes back pain an area of major interest not only in terms of effective outcome but also in terms of cost.

America's extravagant spending in the area of back care is troubling, explains Dr. Kirkaldy Willis in Canadian Family Physician, given the problems involved in diagnosing back disorders. Most causes of low back pain lack objective clinical signs and overt pathological changes, Dr. Willis maintains. As a result, many common treatments, such as surgical spinal fusion, lack rigorous clinical trials and remain highly speculative.


The following excerpts are reprinted from an article which recently appeared in the State Farm Insurance publication Medi-Claim.

The flavor of what follows can be seen in the following excerpts:

Chiropractic... may yield effective, quick relief from pain.

The doctor of chiropractic conducts a systematic and thorough physical examination using the methods, techniques, and instruments that are standard with all health professions.

At least some of their success stems from the chiropractor's attentive manner and holistic approach to disease.

These (lifestyle considerations) find chiropractic in the forefront of those advocating attention to wellness programs... ...The intensive courses required by chiropractic physicians in the doctoral phase of their education closely parallel those of medical school. In some cases, chiropractic schools require more hours of instruction in many basic science and medical courses including anatomy, physiology, radiology, clinical chemistry, rehabilitation, nutrition, and public health.

For the vast majority of neck and back pain sufferers, however, chiropractic offers a conservative alternative which studies show may yield effective, quick relief from pain. Many studies also indicate significant cost savings when chiropractic services are utilized.

Conclusion: Chiropractic is now the third largest primary health care profession in the United States and licenses for chiropractic is available in all states. It is estimated that 7% of the United States population use chiropractors at an estimated cost of $3.3 billion annually.

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