There are a lot of reasons that we are convinced that we are better than insurance, but we understand that you may have a few questions before you agree.  Below are the questions we get most often. Just click on the + sign in front of the question to show and hide our answer!


Frequently Asked Questions

Your membership guarantees a minimum savings level from every Chiropractic Lifecare Provider in our network. You should check with your chosen provider to see if additional savings are available as a member, but here’s how your family membership will help you in terms of a minimum discount:
  • 50% off initial exams, consultation and diagnostics
  • 50% off the cost of in-house x-rays
  • From 20-35% discount on spinal adjustments
  • Up to 50% discount on other chiropractic services
But remember, your membership means a lot more than just discounts! Your membership also features unlimited visits, no pre-existing condition exclusions, and it covers all your immediate family members who are listed on your tax form as dependents!
We are so sure that you will save money we guarantee it. The entire cost of your membership will be refunded in full if you use your network card during your membership year and do not save at least the cost of your membership.
You will meet with your doctor for a consultation, where upon he/she will determine if chiropractic can help you. Your doctor will then decide what specific tests are needed to determine exactly where your problem lies. Everyone is different, therefore you will be treated as an individual, not a number. Everyone in your family is entitled to this same procedure.
Simply call our membership department at (800) 775-7900 and we will contact all the doctors in your area. If you have a preferred doctor you wish to see, we will contact him/her on your behalf.
Chiropractic Lifecare of America has a very large membership base and therefore has been able to negotiate substantial discount contracts with its providers. By joining our plan, it shows that the doctor is more interested in the patient than in their insurance.
No!  CLA is not insurance and your membership fee is not based upon the amount of money you spend for chiropractic care.
There is no limit to how many times you can use the program or how much money you can save. As long as you are a paid member, you may use the plan as often as you like during your membership year.
Yes. There are no restrictions with the plan. Once you receive your membership card, you can visit any of the Network providers and start saving right away!
Immediate family refers to all family members who are legally covered on your tax form as dependents.
This plan is not meant to be used in conjunction with insurance. It is for the person who does not have chiropractic insurance, has a large deductible and won’t be using their insurance or if their insurance benefits have run out.
Each one of our chiropractors undergoes a thorough credentialing process and must pass strict guidelines in order to join our network. The process includes verifying the professional’s credentials, licenses and liability coverage. Only qualified professionals are accepted for participation. We constantly update our doctor’s information and listen to our member’s comments. We take great pride in having not the largest, but the best doctors available for you.
Talk to your doctor about us and then call our office, give us his/her name and number, and we will contact him/her immediately to see if they may interested in becoming a network provider.
You may change providers any time you wish. All you would need to do is select another provider from the list of participating providers on this website or call our customer service number (800) 775-9500. Remember, you must present your card to any provider to receive your savings.
It is good for one year from the date that you signed up. We will invoice you for renewal at the end of your membership year.