Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of reasons that we are convinced that we are better than insurance, but we understand that you
may have a few questions before you agree. Below are the questions we get most often. Just click on the + sign
in front of the question to show and hide our answer!

[+] How much of a discount can I expect?

[+] How can I be sure I will save money?

[+] Describe the first visit. Does everyone in my family get one?

[+] There is no provider in my area. How can I find one?

[+] How can Lifecare doctors provide these benefits?

[+] Will my membership fees go up if I incur major chiropractic care?

[+] How often can I use the Lifecare card?

[+] I have a pre-existing condition that needs treatment. Can I still use this plan?

[+] Your program covers my immediate family. What is your definition of immediate family?

[+] If I have chiropractic insurance, do I need this plan also?

[+] What qualifications must a chiropractor meet to join your network?

[+] My personal chiropractor is not currently participating in your network. What should I do?

[+] Can I change chiropractors?

[+] How long is my membership good for?